Our Principals Messrs. Dockwise BV recently had one of their heavy lift vessels calling at the port of Trincomalee.
Dockwise is a Dutch company whom are the pioneers in Marine heavy lift services and the world’s largest seagoing heavy transport shipping company. Dockwise has a fleet of 18 state of the start heavy lift vessels which could carry unimaginable sized cargo with ease. This includes , boats, heavy machinery, Container cranes and even large ships.

The purpose of the visit was to unload a 15,000 ton platform oil rig namely “Olinda Star” in Trincomalee and tow it to Kakinada in the east coast of India. Trincomalee has been identified as the most suited place for this operation due its location and being a natural deep water harbor. The area called “Clappenburg Bay” was used to anchor the heavy lift vessel “Mighty Servant 1”. The calm deep waters enable to smoothly run the operation of submerging the vessel to 23 meters below water level and float the oil rig out the vessel using harbor tugs.