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The Corporate Governance

MAC Holdings is a firm believer in enforcing the framework of rules, practices and processes which is the basis upon which the Organizations activities are carried out, while ensuring that our Stakeholders’ – Management, Customers, Suppliers, Community, and the Environment – interests are not compromised in our business activities.

The group conducts all its activities holding all participants – from the Board of Directors to its employees – to the highest standards of ethics, ensuring that the groups image and reputation is held as one to which each individual contributes and is equally accountable. We do not believe in progress for the sake of progress. Rather, we focus on improving our existing services in order to provide the maximum benefits, and diversification into niche markets, so as to carry out these activities in a sustainable manner, benefitting our Company, Stakeholder's, the Environment and Society alike.

MAC Holdings ( Pvt ) Ltd.

The Wavertree, 141/9, Vauxhall Street,
      Colombo 02, Sri Lanka

+94 11 2309200

+94 11 2302590

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